Remove Progressive Markings Easily & Instantly

Polycarbonate and CR-39 Safe Marking Ink Remover. This non-oily marking remover is safe for Polycarbonate, CR-39 and Trivex lenses.

Features & Benefits

  • Instantly Dissolves and Removes Any Manufacturers' Ink Markings!
  • Safe on ALL Coatings and Materials
  • Leaves NO Film or Oily Residue On the Lens

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2 oz. UltraVue® Gel Lens Cleaner – Case
The UltraVue® Gel Eyeglass Cleaner is 100% safe on all lenses and coatings including AR lenses. Gel is a more efficient lens cleaner than any liquid. Get superior cleaning as each drop stays longer on the lens. Experience an industry first that changes the industry standard!

US Patent 8,993,501

30 Days Full refund policy.
100% Money Back. No-Risk.​

What our customers are saying about our unique patented lens cleaner Ultravue Gel!

I love the gel! I think it cleans better and more efficiently versus the liquid. I feel like you don’t have to wipe the lenses as much with the cloth and it doesn’t leave smudges behind.

Andrea, Optician

Wichita Optometry

As a leading eyecare provider in Texas we have access to many lens care products. The UltraVue Gel is by far and away the best lens cleaner I have ever used. The way it simplifies the cleaning of AR coatings is nothing short of miraculous. My patients have already started referring friends to my office and it has led to new patients. Thank you Dynamic Labs for bringing such a great product to my attention.

Andrew Laskaris, Director of Operations

Houston Eye Doctors

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