The One-Two Punch for Cleaning and Sanitizing Lenses

PEEPS™ is a safe, all-natural, and effective lens cleaner that works at the molecular level. Using the carbon molecule to clean lens surfaces while killing bacteria with each use.

Safe, Effective, Convenient, Stylish,
Long-Lasting, and Eco-Friendly

How Does It Work?

PEEPS uses carbon in their “molecular formula,” which coats the devices’ cleaning pads. The carbon molecule is a potent cleaner, thanks to the molecule’s chemical structure.

There Is Two Parts to Each PEEPS™

A recharger and a cleaning pad. After using the device, you insert the cleaning pad into the recharger. While the device is recharging, an electronic reaction takes place that alters the position of the carbon molecules in the formula, restoring the cleaning pad.

You Can Use Each PEEP™ Hundreds of Times!

Also, a “green” antibacterial solution has been added
to ensure each application also sanitizes your lenses.

PEEPS™ Is Available In Six Colors

Rose Gold, Space Grey, Blue, Green, Lavender, or Black

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