Digital Acuity System & Monitor


• Incredibly Simple to operate
• Calibrate 8’ to 25’ Mirrored or straight
• 20” monitor included (Optional 24”)
• 720P, 1020P & 4K Options
• Snellen, Childrens, E’s, Numbers, Contrast
• Color tests, Aux tests, Red/green
• Upgradeable Software
• Patient Content Platform allows for patient
engagement opportunities while they wait;
Educational Content, Entertaining Content,
Photos, Internal Advertisement
• External Advertisement-coming soon

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The DAS system is designed around the
latest in Android technology. Low power
comsumption, monitor flexability, fast, sharp,
concise graphics and an endless amount of
media power are contained in a computer
the size of a large thumb drive. Dual monitor
system allows you to also see chart on an
Android pad.

The DAS system has all the most
popular acuity tests at a price
that is almost half the most
popular brand sold today.

Additional information

screen size

20" Monitor, 24" Monitor, Wall Bracket