DynaPro Premium Dry Lens Polish


Dynapro Dry Polish is a premium polish that combines a long slurry, low foaming and easy cleaning features in a convenient powder form. One 2.9 pound package makes the equivalent of 1 gallon of liquid polish, reducing shipping costs and minimizing storage space.

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DynaPro Premium Dry Lens Polish is a novel polishing formulation in a dry powder formula designed for a variety of ophthalmic lens polishing applications. Slurries made from this mixture will provide rapid stock removal and very good surface finish on all types of lens materials. Excellent for standard and digital/freeform surfacing.

• Long slurry life
• Low foaming in slurry systems
• Excellent suspension
• Easy cleaning from lenses and equipment
• Designed for standard & freeform surfacing

• Lower shipping costs (2.9 lbs 1.3 Kg)
• Longer shelf life
• Less storage space required

• Average Particle Size 1.7-1.9 microns
• pH 3.5-3.9
• Baume of 20º-28º
• Suspension Treated – Yes

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Weight 2.9 lbs