Peeps Lens Cleaner (No Imprint)


• Available in 6 colors/2 finishes
– Electroplated:  Rose Gold or Space Grey
– Soft Touch:  Blue, Green, Lavender, and Black




There is two parts to each device: a recharger and a cleaning pad. While the device recharges, an electronic reaction occurs that alters the position of the carbon molecules in the formula-restoring the cleaning pad. There is also a “green” antibacterial solution added to ensure each time it is used, the lenses are sanitized.

Uses Advanced Technology to Clean and Sanitize lenses

• Hundreds of use from each Peep
• Sold separately or as a 12-Pack packaged in a counter top P.O.P

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Rose Gold (Electroplated) (2210001), Space Gray (Electroplated) (2210002), Blue (2210003), Green (2210004), Lavender (2210005), Black (2210006