ProGRIP™ II (Oval | Solid | Square | Round | Half Cut | Half Eye | Full Eye)


Dynamic Labs has combined two extraordinary technologies to create the ProGrip Combo Pad, which merges the blocking pad and anti-slip disc into one truly unique product!

18mm Half Eye Round 22mm Round
24mm Square 24mm Full Eye Round
24mm Round 26mm Half Eye Round
14×17 Half Eye 17×24 Half Eye
17×30 Oval Solid 17×30 Oval
18×29 Half Cut 18×29 Solid
19×33 Solid 17x34mm Oval Solid
20×30 Half Oval

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We’ve taken the durability of our ProEdge blocking pad line and combined it with the superior adhesion of our DynaGRIP antislip discs. The combination of these two superior products now produces results even better than both pads together! No longer do you have to use two different pads when working with AR coated lenses.

The ProGrip II combo pad makes edging super slick Hydrophobic lenses easier, faster, safer AND MORE ECONOMICAL than ever before.

• 500 per roll

Additional information

Weight 0.60 lbs

18mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, 14×17, 17×24, 17×30, 18×29, 19×33, 17x34mm, 20x30mm


Oval Solid, Half Eye Round, Half Oval, Half Cut, Half Eye, Solid, Square, Round, Oval, Full Eye Round