Screen Clarity™ Disinfecting Gel Screen Cleaner With 70% Isopropyl Alcohol


8 oz. Bottles – 49 Bottles Per Case

2 oz. Bottles – 128 Bottles Per Case



Screen Clarity™ Disinfecting Gel Cleaner Contains 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Per CDC Guidelines.

Spray on, Wipe Off!

Screen Clarity™ Disinfecting Gel Cleaner is a high-tech formulation that easily cleans AND disinfects your phone, tablet, computer screen and more without streaking. Our NO DRIP gel cleaner stays where you spray it, making it the most efficient screen cleaner ever made!

We guarantee your satisfaction of how well our patented Disinfecting Gel Screen Cleaner works.

49 Bottles Per Case – 8oz. Bottles.

128 Bottles Per Case – 2oz. Bottles.



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8 oz. Bottle, 2 oz. Bottle