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ProGRIP™ II 17x34mm Oval SolidProGRIP™ II 17x34mm Oval Solid$129.95 $119.95
ProGRIP™ II 26mm Half Eye RoundProGRIP™ II 26mm Half Eye Round$129.95 $119.95
LensPro™ Precision 18x29mm Solid - 1KLensPro™ Precision 18x29mm Solid - 1K$65.95 $61.95
LensPro™ Precision 21x26mm Cut Round - 1KLensPro™ Precision 21x26mm Cut Round - 1K$65.95 $61.95
LensPro™ Precision 22mm Round - 1KLensPro™ Precision 22mm Round - 1K$65.95 $61.95
LensPro™ Precision 18x29mm Cut Round - 1KLensPro™ Precision 18x29mm Cut Round - 1K$65.95 $61.95
LensPro™ Precision 18mm Half Eye Round - 1KLensPro™ Precision 18mm Half Eye Round - 1K$65.95 $61.95
LensPro™ Precision 17x30mm Oval Solid- 1KLensPro™ Precision 17x30mm Oval Solid- 1K$65.95 $61.95
LensPro™ Precision 17x30mm Oval - 1KLensPro™ Precision 17x30mm Oval - 1K$65.95 $61.95
LensPro™ Precision 17x24mm Half Eye - 1KLensPro™ Precision 17x24mm Half Eye - 1K$65.95 $61.95
LensPro™ Precision 14x17 Full Eye - 1KLensPro™ Precision 14x17 Full Eye - 1K$65.95 $61.95
LensPro™ Precision 24mm Full Eye Round - 1KLensPro™ Precision 24mm Full Eye Round - 1K$65.95 $61.95
LensPro™ Precision 18mm Santinelli - 1KLensPro™ Precision 18mm Santinelli - 1K$65.95 $61.95
LensPro™ Precision 24mm Solid - 1KLensPro™ Precision 24mm Solid - 1K$65.95 $61.95
LensPro™ Precision 24mm Square - 1KLensPro™ Precision 24mm Square - 1K$65.95 $61.95
LensPro Self-Inking LensometerLensPro Self-Inking Lensometer$1,423.70
3 Pint Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit3 Pint Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit$119.95
Heat Transfer Fluid - GallonHeat Transfer Fluid - Gallon$72.95
Ultra White UV™Ultra White UV™$68.95
Poly Safe Neutralizer - GallonPoly Safe Neutralizer - Gallon$72.95
Eliminator Marking RemoverEliminator Marking Remover$49.95
DynaGrip™ Xtreme Anti-Slip DiscsDynaGrip™ Xtreme Anti-Slip Discs$95.95 $91.95
ProGRIP™ II 20x30mm Half OvalProGRIP™ II 20x30mm Half Oval$129.95 $119.95
SecurEdge™ Plus 19x33 Solid - 1K$104.95
SecurEdge™ Plus 17x24 Half Eye - 1KSecurEdge™ Plus 17x24 Half Eye - 1K$104.95
SecurEdge™ Plus 24mm Full Eye Round - 1KSecurEdge™ Plus 24mm Full Eye Round - 1K$104.95
SecurEdge™ Plus 20x30 Oval Solid - 1KSecurEdge™ Plus 20x30 Oval Solid - 1K$104.95
SecurEdge™ Plus 21x26 Cut Round - 1KSecurEdge™ Plus 21x26 Cut Round - 1K$104.95
SecurEdge™ Plus 14x17 Full Eye - 1K$104.95
SecurEdge™ Plus 18mm Half Eye Round - 1KSecurEdge™ Plus 18mm Half Eye Round - 1K$104.95
SecurEdge™ Plus 17x30 Oval - 1KSecurEdge™ Plus 17x30 Oval - 1K$104.95
SecurEdge™ Plus 22mm Round - 1KSecurEdge™ Plus 22mm Round - 1K$104.95
SecurEdge™ Plus 24mm Bowed Square - 1KSecurEdge™ Plus 24mm Bowed Square - 1K$104.95
BigRed™ 19x33 Solid - 1KBigRed™ 19x33 Solid - 1K$64.95
BigRed™ 18mm Half Eye Round - 1KBigRed™ 18mm Half Eye Round - 1K$64.95
BigRed™ 24mm Full Eye Round - 1KBigRed™ 24mm Full Eye Round - 1K$64.95
BigRed™ 17x24 Half Eye - 1KBigRed™ 17x24 Half Eye - 1K$64.95
BigRed™ 18mm Santinelli - 1KBigRed™ 18mm Santinelli - 1K$64.95
BigRed™ 17x30 Oval - 1KBigRed™ 17x30 Oval - 1K$64.95
BigRed™ 14x17 Full Eye - 1KBigRed™ 14x17 Full Eye - 1K$64.95
BigRed™ 21x26 Cut Round - 1KBigRed™ 21x26 Cut Round - 1K$64.95
BigRed™ 18x29mm Cut Round - 1KBigRed™ 18x29mm Cut Round - 1K$64.95
BigRed™ 18x29mm Solid - 1KBigRed™ 18x29mm Solid - 1K$64.95
BigRed™ 17x30 Oval Solid - 1KBigRed™ 17x30 Oval Solid - 1K$64.95
BigRed™ 24mm Solid - 1KBigRed™ 24mm Solid - 1K$64.95
BigRed™ 22mm Full Eye Round - 1KBigRed™ 22mm Full Eye Round - 1K$64.95
BigRed™ 24mm Square - 1KBigRed™ 24mm Square - 1K$64.95
ProGRIP™ II 18x29 Half CutProGRIP™ II 18x29 Half Cut$129.95 $119.95
ProGRIP™ II 14x17 Half EyeProGRIP™ II 14x17 Half Eye$129.95 $119.95
ProGRIP™ II 19x33 SolidProGRIP™ II 19x33 Solid$129.95 $119.95
ProGRIP™ II 24mm SquareProGRIP™ II 24mm Square$129.95 $119.95
ProGRIP™ II 18mm Half Eye RoundProGRIP™ II 18mm Half Eye Round$129.95 $119.95
ProGRIP™ II 17x24 Half EyeProGRIP™ II 17x24 Half Eye$129.95 $119.95
ProGRIP™ II 22mm RoundProGRIP™ II 22mm Round$129.95 $119.95
ProGRIP™ II 24mm RoundProGRIP™ II 24mm Round$129.95 $119.95
ProGRIP™ II 17x30 Oval SolidProGRIP™ II 17x30 Oval Solid$129.95 $119.95
ProGRIP™ II 18x29 SolidProGRIP™ II 18x29 Solid$129.95 $119.95
ProGRIP™ II 17x30 OvalProGRIP™ II 17x30 Oval$129.95 $119.95
ProGRIP™ II 24mm Full Eye RoundProGRIP™ II 24mm Full Eye Round$129.95 $119.95
1 Pint Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit1 Pint Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit$69.95
Lens Pro™ Series Frame WarmerLens Pro™ Series Frame Warmer$425.94
Large Glass BeadsLarge Glass Beads$49.95
Small Glass BeadsSmall Glass Beads$49.95
HotBox' Salt Pan Frame WarmerHotBox' Salt Pan Frame Warmer$264.95
Dynamic Hot Air Frame WarmerDynamic Hot Air Frame Warmer$219.94
Water-Cooled Hand EdgerWater-Cooled Hand Edger$475.95
Auto Lens GrooverAuto Lens Groover$428.45
UV Light MeterUV Light Meter$310.00
LensPro Premium LensometerLensPro Premium Lensometer$1,233.70
Deluxe Digital Self-Calibrating PupilometerDeluxe Digital Self-Calibrating Pupilometer$399.95